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driven by the rhythm like the beat of a heart

My kittyyyy.



can you tell i’m bored today?¬†

thank goodness for baseballll

I just found out Carly and Chris are dating.

WTF?! ¬†They’re my two faves. LOVE IT.

I miss lazy Saturdays with you.. when we’d get up and go to Waffle House basically in our pjs and then come home and lay on the couch refilling my coffee all day and watching random tv shows while I occasionally mentioned how we should be doing something productive, but instead we still just laid there doing nothing.. until you started to play video games and then I’d get mad at you and go get something else to do. I don’t miss our fighting, but if I had it to do over again I wouldn’t care about sitting there next to you while you played. I’d read a book or paint my nails or get on the computer and just appreciate that at any given moment I could cuddle up next to you or kiss your cheek. I miss those times and I wish I had them back.

Today was definitely rough. After a text like that^ yesterday.. It’s just hard.

I get a lot of attention sometimes so it really sucks when it’s not from the one you want. And when I’ve wanted to tell him something important, but he avoids talking in person so much… I’m just confused.

& distance is hard. We each have our own lives now and you know you’re holding out because you love him, but that puts you in a very vulnerable position to not know what he’s up to.

Trust is so hard.
I’m going to spend some time in prayer tonight.

is such a cute wittle guy. :]

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I like green anything.

I'm Irish.

My life revolves around music.

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